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The Pernicious Results of a Secularized Culture

Apr 22nd, 2017 | By

The familiar term “secularism” is often used today to define the ideology of western civilization, for it refers to the absence of any binding theistic authority or belief. Theologian Albert Mohler further defines its companion, “secularization,” as “a concept and a sociological process whereby societies become less theistic and they become more modern. Secular societies therefore drift toward conditions where there is little if any theistic belief and the rejection of any binding authority at all.”

Exodus 20:7-13

Apr 21st, 2017 | By

The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Commandments, with in-depth discussion of God’s plan for work & rest, the submission to authority, & the sanctity of all life.

Israel and the New Troika of Evil: Iran, Hezbollah and Russia

Apr 15th, 2017 | By

As 2017 unfolds, Israel, the only functioning democracy in the Middle East, is doing well. Its economy is growing at 3.2% per year. The main opposition party to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party is in disarray. In terms of its foreign affairs, Israel enjoys a positive relationship with Russia and its ties to both Africa and Asia are the best ever. Although absolutely no progress has been made in resolving the issues with the Palestinians (a major sticking point during the Obama years), Israel now enjoys a better relationship with the United States under Donald Trump. . . But Israel is increasingly anxious about two major developments in the Middle East. Each poses an existential threat to the state of Israel.

Exodus 20:1-7

Apr 13th, 2017 | By

The Lord gives Moses The Ten Commandments: Dr Eckman leads in-depth discussion of The Mosaic Covenant, and how it compliments the Abrahamic Covenant.

Identity Politics as Theology: The Case of Princeton and Pastor Tim Keller

Apr 8th, 2017 | By

Princeton Theological Seminary has a rich heritage, often intertwined with the history of the United States. Founded about 1726 by William Tennent (then known as the Log College), it contributed to providing a real need for colonial Presbyterianism—college-educated ministers. In colonial America, most prospective pastors needed to study in Europe and then return to the colonies to serve. Over the next several decades of the 18th century, numerous connections developed between the Log College and the founding of the College of New Jersey, later known as Princeton University (and Seminary). . . But the Princeton of history is not the Princeton of today.

Exodus 19:1-20:2

Apr 7th, 2017 | By

The Israelites reach Mt Sinai, and Moses prepares himself & his people to receive the Ten Commandments.

Exodus 17:1-18:23

Apr 5th, 2017 | By

The Lord continues to provide for His people through drought, foreign attackers, and added wisdom as Moses continues to lead the people.

Intersectionality: The New Postmodern Religion?

Apr 1st, 2017 | By

In early March, the controversial author of The Bell Curve, Charles Murray, was invited to give a lecture at Middlebury College in Vermont on his newest book, Coming Apart. His lecture was shut down by an organized effort to drive him from the campus. Loud, boisterous chanting made it impossible for Murray to deliver his lecture. The lecture was then delivered in another room and livestreamed. When Murray and his faculty sponsor, Allison Stranger, left to go to their car, they were surrounded by a mob. In the melee, Stranger was grabbed and her neck so twisted that she ended up in the emergency room. They then attempted to have dinner at a local restaurant, where they were attacked by another mob. They left town.

Exodus 15:21-16:36

Mar 27th, 2017 | By

As the Israelites journey from Egypt to Mt Sinai, the Lord continues to provide, while teaching them — and us today — that obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings discipline.

Thinking Biblically about The Shack: The Movie (and the Book)

Mar 25th, 2017 | By

The movie, The Shack, has just been released in American theaters and is generating a similar level of discussion among Christians as did the book by the same title, which was published in 2010. William Young is a compelling, imaginative writer and the movie seeks to capture on film the same imaginative presentation of tragedy and God’s involvement and answer to such tragedy.